Diving Places


Depth: 20 – 40 m.
Feature: big species of coral, Honeycomb Brain Staghorn along a vertical wall of 30 m., it provides huge varieties of tropical fish. This location is frequented by a lot of dolphins.
Depth: 10 – 15 m.
Feature: wonderful area for snorkeling and simple diving. The coral reef hosts fish like Regals, Angelfishes, Bluestreaks, Wrasses and Blue Spotted.
Depth: 18 m.
Feature: relaxed diving atmosphere with a soft current and great visibility, like swimming in an aquarium. It’s easy to meet Surgeonfishes, Hawkesbill Turtles and White Sharks Tail.
Coral Garde
Depth: 25 m.
Feature: Good location for experts who will swim between Big fan coral, Goatfishes, Moorish Idols, Kingfishes and Barracudas that frequents these deep water.
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