Trip's Ethic


Being sympathetic with a particular location means, being aware of one’s impact on this place while you are staying there, as well as once you leave. When one chose’s to have confidence in and support of the local economy, this enhances a population by helping it to improve its existence not only in terms of profits. We improve the villager’s life as they do with us by giving our customers the chance to enjoy a life style that is impossible in the big European metropolitan areas.
The luxury we speak of is an immaterial luxury made by: love for small things, taste for beautiful interior design, food under the stars, freedom to stay in swimsuit from the morning until night and keep one’s shoes off from the moment of your arrival until your departure and enjoy the sounds of the waves that crash into the coral reefs. In short this luxury is for those who choose to regain their space and their time that during one’s normal everyday life we refuse ourselves.
This way of thinking isn’t good only for those who choose a holiday with us but is also beneficial for the place that gives us hospitality without spoiling it architecturally or acoustically because the construction and the social activities we propose are natural: bio architecture and simplicity in the entertainment, bicycles, massages, restaurant that buys the products directly from fishermen and farmers in the village, excursions with small limited groups of people. These are the simple ingredients for tourism that have a positive impact on everybody.
Travelling safe and responsibly
Our trips are organized by the technical direction of Wimbi S.r.l. ( license number j/722010 left from the Province of Imperia), the only tour operator in Italy exclusively specialized in photographical safaris in Tanzania and in the archipelago of Zanzibar.
Our holidays reflect the parameters of the travel package contract with baggage and healthcare international insurance you could find illustrated on the web site and that you will firm before the reservation.
The Wimbi S.r.l. has an office in Zanzibar only 50 mt from the airport and one in Arusha in the center of Tanzania where all our photographical safaris start.
The transfers, the check - in assistance, the excursions and the photographical safaris are all directly organized (without mediators) by our staff, that has been with us since 2006: Our staff members are Zanzibarians and Italians with a perfect knowledge of the territory, the language, the local culture and the tourists’ culture.
The two owners of Villa Dida Resort are both specialized in tourism and intercultural processes: Dida is graduated in tourism at the high school of Dar-es-Salaam and Mauro is graduated in history and anthropology at the University of Torin with a dissertation on the religious contests in the archipelago of Zanzibar.
We train our tourism staff in being aware and responsible so that you are able to enjoy your holiday in a smart manner, without pre-packed amusements but with our continuous and professional assistance which is typical of Zanzibar.


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