The Cuisine

 The cuisine is very accurate and gives a lot of attention to the genuineness of the products. The menu is based on the fresh daily products, always on the paper menu, and on Italian, Mediterranean, Zanzibarian, Indian, Arabian and Hindu dishes. The 90% of the food is “km Zero” that means that the most part of the fishes are bought from the fishermen of the closest village and the vegetables are cultivated, without herbicides, by the women who are the real motor of the rural economy.

The chefs of Villa Dida will devote themselves to propose you their best deliciousness respecting your diet and your alimentation.
-       Zanzibarian and Mediterranean cuisine based on fishes, meat and vegetables.
-       Vegetarian cuisine ( without meat or animal fats )
-       Hindu cuisine ( without cow meat )
-       Arabian cuisine ( without pig meat and the cow meat is butchered traditionally by the Islamic method )
Our choice is to build a resort with a maximum capability of 25 people that gives us the chance to take care and personalize our service on the purpose of offer you fresh daily and natural products.  
Breakfast is based on: traditional cakes and sweets, chapatti ( Indian bread), jam, eggs, tea, milk, coffee and tropical fruit juice.


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